Township Clerk


There are three ways to vote in the upcoming 2023 election:

1. Vote by mail ballot

Registered voters can apply for a vote-by-mail ballot by following the instructions found at VOTE.NJ.GOV or contacting their County Clerk.

2. In-person early voting

This new option enables all registered voters to cast their ballot in person, using a voting machine, during in-person early voting period prior to Election Day. You can now choose to vote, in person, when it’s most convenient for your schedule.

No matter where you live in the county, you can vote your specific ballot at any of your county’s designated in-person early voting locations. Find your county’s locations at VOTE.NJ.GOV.

3. At your polling place on election day

Vote in person at your polling place, from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.

Accommodations will be made for voters with disabilities.

Go to VOTE.NJ.GOV for your polling place, listed on the Polling Locations page.

Property in Foreclosure Registration

Pursuant to the Code of the Township of Moorestown §103-24, REGISTRATION OF PROPERTY IN FORECLOSURE (Ordinance 3-2023):  Any Creditor foreclosing on a residential or commercial mortgage shall, in addition to the notice required by any other applicable law, register the residential or commercial property with the Township Clerk as a Property In Foreclosure. This shall also apply to properties that have been the subject of a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

To register a property for the first time, click here.

To renew a registration, click here.

To Amend a Current Registration, click here.