Trash Collection

An infographic of trash collection guidelines. Residential Trash Collection: Trash should be curbside by 7 AM the day of scheduled collection. The very earliest trash may be placed at the curb is dusk (or sunset) the day before.

Residents should be advised that effective March 1, 2022, the township will see a change to its trash collection procedures. Previously, the township's trash contractor did not pick up receptacles exceeding 32 gallons. Beginning March 1, the contractor will pick up cans exceeding 32 gallons if the trash can has handles and wheels. 

The Department of Public Works will affix a notice to containers indicating that the containers do not comply with the township code § 92-8 or 92-9 and providing warning that further use of said containers will result in township refusal to make collections from said containers.

Provided, however, that receptacles that are badly broken, in disrepair or otherwise fail to meet the requirements set forth in § 92-8 or 92-9 may be treated as rubbish and collected and disposed of as such by the township.

Trash Collection / District:
Your District for all things to do with Public Works is determined by your Trash Day.
If your trash is picked up on Monday, you are District 1.
If your trash is picked up on Tuesday, you are District 2. 
If your trash is picked up on Wednesday, you are District 3. 
If your trash is picked up on Thursday, you are District 4. 

To determine your trash district, click here. Once the map appears, choose Trash Zone to see districts.
2022 Holiday Trash Schedule:
Martin Luther King Day - No Change.
President's Day - No Change.
Memorial Day - All Trash will be collected one day behind schedule.
Fourth of July - No Trash on Mon July 5th.  All Trash will be collected one day behind schedule
Labor Day - All Trash will be collected one day behind schedule.
Columbus Day - No Change.
Veteran's Day - No Change.
Thanksgiving -  No Trash Thursday, Thursday & Friday Trash will be collected on Friday
Christmas Day - TBA
New Year's Day -  TBA

Bulk trash such as mattresses (must be wrapped in plastic), wood bed frames, furniture, rugs (tied and cut in 3' lengths) and similar items should be placed at the curb for collection on your regular trash day. Residents should be reasonable in the amount of bulk items they place at the curb side on any one collection day.

E-waste: Residents can drop off any electronic waste (e-waste) at the Public Works Yard. The yard is located at 601 E. Third Street. 

Appliances, Scrap Metal and Tires.  Residents must call 856-235-3520 to schedule a pick up.  Material must be curbside by 7 AM on your scheduled pick up day.  These items may also be brought to the Public Works Center, SATURDAY only, between 8 AM and Noon.  (A maximum of two tires per household will be accepted on Saturday.)