Open Gym

The Open Gym program is suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Brent and Friends

Open Gym is an after school program held at the Church Street Rec Center that runs Monday through Friday from 2:00 to 5:00 pm.  The ground floor is open for students in grades 4-12 to grab a snack after school, get some exercise in the gym and hang out with friends. This is a free program for Moorestown residents, but does require registration.  The basketball court is the focus where kids can shoot baskets or play in a pickup game. Snacks are provided by the Moorestown Ministerium (a collaboration of local churches that collects and distributes food).

The lobby can host any number of activities – arts and crafts, games, or homework.  Open Gym is supervised by two to three staff members who provide structure and enforce basic, good conduct rules of behavior.  Other than signing in, this program is designed to allow students some autonomy - they can come and go as they please.  It is a fun, safe place to be after school.  Our dedicated Staff, who are largely in the background, get to know the kids over time and offer support and mentorship.

Recreation Center Open Gym Policies and Procedures

ID card required entering the building.  ID cards are non-transferable.  An attempt to use another person’s card, will result with the card being confiscated.

Attire: For safety reasons, appropriate attire is required.  Sports or exercise clothing, shirts, and sneakers must be worn for all gym activities.  Pants and shorts must be worn at the waistline.  No bare midriffs (Flip flops, sandals, black soled shoes prohibited).

Game attire: Proper uniforms or sportswear for all games and practices required.

Food and Drink: No food, drink or chewing gum allowed beyond gym doors (except players’ water bottles).

Exits: Opened only if approved by staff.

No spitting, profanity, hanging on the basketball rims or throwing balls at the walls.

No gathering around exits, in bathrooms or in stairwells.

Staff has the right to deny access or eject participant if rules are not followed to anyone displaying inappropriate behavior, belligerence or intoxication.

Strollers, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, pets are not permitted in the building.

No organized drills or coaching during youth community “Open Gym” hours.

No fighting, theft, vandalism, bullying, taunting, hazing, discrimination (including age, gender or ethnicity), words or actions to provoke a violent response.

No concealed weapons and firearms, possession of illegal substances including drugs and alcohol.

No smoking cigarettes on Township property.

No indecent behavior, abusive language (including cursing and inappropriate street talk); disrespect of players, coaches and staff.

Any gesture, written or verbal or physical act that takes place on Recreation Center property is prohibited.

Persistent violation of the policies may result in temporary or long term loss or privileges.

As an organization we are dedicated to bringing together the community in providing safe/fun opportunities to foster strong character and positive behavior.