The New Jersey State Police would like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of the State of New Jersey for their continued feedback and patience as all law enforcement agencies throughout the State contend with the timely completion of all firearm-related applications.

Over the last year, the State of New Jersey has realized an approximate 284% increase in firearms applications compared to the annual average over the last ten years. This unprecedented surge in applications may be attributed to the continued public health emergency, civil unrest, and political uncertainty throughout the country. Regardless, the New Jersey State Police, as well as Municipal Law Enforcement agencies throughout the state, continue to work diligently to process every application in a timely manner.

 In pursuit of this objective, all law enforcement agencies throughout the State are leveraging relatively new technological innovations, such as the Firearms Application and Registration System (FARS), which enable Handgun Purchase Permits to be issued electronically upon application approval.  Eventually, electronic versions of the Firearms Identification Card, Retired Police Officer permits, and Permits to Carry will also be generated through FARS. The New Jersey State Police, as well as our Municipal Law Enforcement partners, appreciate your continued understanding and support.



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