Moorestown EDAC

The Economic Development Advisory Committee consists of nine members. The duties of the Economic Development Committee include:

  • To promote the advantages of the Township of Moorestown for business, commercial and industrial users.
  • To advise and consult with the Township Council, Township Manager, Planning Board and Director of Community Development concerning reasonable and desirable policies to foster appropriate business, commercial and industrial development. All such policies and recommendations shall be designed to safeguard property values of established residential areas in the Township.
  • To encourage expansion of existing industry and business in the best interest of the Township.
  • To prepare, develop and distribute material and data advertising the advantages of the Township to new business and industry.


  • Angelina Carione (2024)
  • Mark Hines, Chair (2023)
  • Craig Dennin, MBA President (2023)
  • Richard Kaye, Vice Chair (2024)
  • Philip Kirschner (2023)
  • Sean Lovison (2024)
  • Phuong Peterson (2024)
  • Chris Scafario (2023)
  • Kate Wilson, Secretary (2024)
  • Nicole Gillespie, Township Council Liaison 

*All term expiration dates are listed following the committee member's name.

Other Participants

  • Nicole Gillespie, Council Liaison 

Regular Meetings