Marriage or Civil Union

Obtaining a License

Application & Instructions

For more information on how to obtain a license, refer to our Marriage or Civil Union Application Instructions. To apply, print and complete the Marriage or Civil Union Application Form.

Scheduling an Appointment

Marriage License Applications and Requests for Certified Copies are by appointment only (8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday). To schedule an appointment, please call 856-235-0912.

Important Time Lines

Marriage Licenses Applications must be completed a minimum of 72 hours prior to issuance of the Marriage License. However, it is recommended that you apply a minimum of 5 days prior to the date of marriage.

Marrying Officiants

To make arrangements, contact one of the marrying officiants found on the Marrying Officiants List (PDF).

Obtaining a Certified Copy of the License

Once you are legally joined, you can obtain a certified copy of your license in the municipality where the ceremony occurred. You should take special note that the pink copy you are given by the official that joins you is not an official or legal document. You must obtain an official copy from the Registrar of the municipality where the ceremony took place.

Please note that a Certified Copy of a vital record is issued to those individuals who have a direct link to the individual named on the vital record (as identified in Governor McGreevey's Executive Order 18). The requestor must be able to identify the vital record and provide proof of identity and relationship.

Raised Seal Certified Copy

If the ceremony took place in Moorestown and you would like to obtain a Raised Seal Certified Copy of your license, complete and submit the Vital Statistic Information Request Form (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions

To view common questions and answers concerning couples currently in a Civil Union wanting to enter into Same Sex Marriage, check out the Civil Union FAQs (PDF) document.