Youth Programs - Spring

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  • Basketball Clinics – For Grades 1-6. Late March through mid-June (4 or 5 week sessions). Learn and strengthen the foundations of the game - ball handling, shooting and instructive scrimmages.

  • Tennis Group Lessons – For ages 5 – 10.   Begins in April and runs for 5 weeks. Learn basic strokes of the game with foam balls – forehand, back-hand, volley and serve. Fun footwork drills. 

  • Volleyball Clinics – For grades 3-8. March through May. Learn fundamentals for passing, setting, and hitting the ball!!  Clinics held on Friday nights at the Church Street Recreation Center.

  • School’s Off – Rec’s On – For Grades 1-6, we offer daytime programming on days that school is not in session.  Programs include Gym Sports; handball, dodgeball and team building games. 

  • Open Gym – The Church Street Recreation Center Gym is open for pickup basketball for grades 4-12, Monday through Friday.   Snacks provided by local churches and organizations. This program is open to Moorestown Residents Only.  

Arts & Sciences

  • Art – K-3rd grades. Saturday mornings at the Church Street Recreation Center.  Seasonally themed art instruction includes drawing, painting and other fun art projects and mediums.  Single day classes available on days when school is not in session.

  • Culinary – Grades 2-8.  Classes are held on school holidays and after school.  Moorestown Rec’s “Community Kitchen” is a commercial-grade kitchen on the third floor of the Church Street Rec Center. Baking and culinary classes are generally based on seasonal ingredients and themes. “Scratch made” is emphasized as well as healthy, delicious meals to share with the family. Classes range from building gingerbread houses to fresh pasta to sushi.  Single day classes available on days when school is not in session.

  • Dance – 2 1/2 to 4 years old and ages 5-9 classes.  Creative Dance and Tap/Ballet for the younger ages are held on Friday at the Church Street Recreation Center.  Hip Hop/Jazz classes for the 5-9 year olds are held after school.  Creative dance and Kids Movement (younger age must be accompanied by an adult) are designed to strengthen motor skills, coordination and flexibility. The children will have fun learning colors and numbers too.  

  • Pottery - Grades 3-6.  Classes are held after school on the 3rd floor of the Church Street Recreation Center after school.  Learn the fundamental concepts and techniques of ceramics - slab-building, hand-building and coil-building.  

  • Vocal Performance - Grades 3-8. Learn vocal techniques, how to audition, perform and find your own style.

  • Robotics – Grades K-6. Classes are held on the 3rd floor of the Church Street Recreation Center after school and on Saturdays. There is a range of classes from building Legos and nanobots; designing objects to be printed on a 3D printer. Create games with Minecraft, learn to code with SCRATCH (by MIT) and more. Laptops will be supplied.