Better Together Committee

Better Together Moorestown is a citizen-led, government-supported advisory task force. Our objective is to explore how Moorestown can better protect and celebrate diversity and ensure inclusion and equity among our residents, businesses, and visitors. The task force recommends strategies and action plans that drive positive change and promote a thriving and prosperous town. The Better Together Committee's logo.

To further the work of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within Moorestown Township, Township Council passed Ordinance No. 19-2022 to create the Better Together Advisory Committee (“Committee”).

The purpose of the Committee is to advise Township Council on how the township can better protect and celebrate diversity and equity while ensuring inclusion among our residents, businesses and visitors. The Committee will promote an innovative, engaged and informed community and will advise and assist the Township Council, Manager, and any other municipal board, department, committee or municipal officials on matters involving diversity, equity and inclusion in our community, with the purpose of ensuring that cultural, economic, and ethnic differences are considered in the decision-making process. Appointments will be made to establish a membership that encourages and represents the diverse perspectives we have in our community.

Eleven regular members shall be appointed from diverse backgrounds, with consideration given to ability, age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and the like. Members should have skills and/or knowledge in fields and/or and interests in areas such as conversations across differences, communications, community engagement, community organizations, community outreach, compassionate community initiatives, diverse populations, diversity training, educations/schools systems, equity and inclusion, facilitation, fundraising, marketing, disability advocacy, research and welcoming initiatives. At least one member shall be a Moorestown-based business owner, who may or may not reside in the Township; and at least two members shall be youth, ages 14-19, who are residents of Moorestown.

The Committee will meet the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Library, Meeting Room B.  If you are interested in serving, you are invited to complete and submit, no later than October 31, 2022, a Citizen Leadership Form through the Township’s website or you may forward same to the Township Clerk at or 111 West Second Street, Moorestown 08057.  Your request will be forwarded to Township Council, the appointing authority, for consideration.

The committee's 2023 Meeting Dates can be found here

The committee's core values are:

  • We are centered in empathy.
  • We listen and learn with open minds.
  • We believe safe environments foster dialogue building trust and honesty.
  • We do what we say and we hold ourselves and others accountable. 
  • We measure our outcomes and continuously improve. 
  • We embrace our similarities and celebrate our differences. 

Better Together Documents: 

BTM Council Presentation

BTM Survey Data 

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